What does it take to run a business? - Outdoor Editon

by Ian Gabbidon on Mar 01, 2022

Iuvo Skincare market stall set up

I am currently standing in the cold behind our Iuvo stall at the wonderfully historical #Hitchin covered Market.I should have listened to my partner when he asked me if I'm sure that I am going to the market today after looking out to the cold rainy day outside. I had packed the car the night beforehand so thought why not! Its 8 degrees but feels like 4, it will be colder in his flat so figured I'd go out on the chance that I MIGHT make money rather than stay home and know I WON'T make any #money.

Today is quite an unusual day, normally I would have produced some marketing emails, there would be an event organiser also publishing the event on social media. But this is old school, bringing in the customers based on YOU, that smile and gob alone is extremely tough. "Hi I'll be here every Tuesday come back here and spend all your money!!...please!" You have to have that little bit of extra #pazazz and #passion for what your doing.

If I didn't pack the car the night before I can tell you I'd probably be at my computer desk at my partners with a warm hoodie and a blanket on. That's what solidified my decisions to come, I had already packed the following:

+ Stock

+Display equipment

+ Wrapping paper /bags

+ Table cloth

+ Leaflets

+ Payment devices

+ Charging equipment

+ Lunch

+ Handwarmers

The list goes on! For all that you bring and sell, you need to record, replace and recharge. So I complete my stock take on the day to save time using my payment device as an aid.

Last but not least, there is no point standing out in the cold if your products or services are rubbish. Be proud of the quality in what you do and that will shine to your customers. People don't know what you do, they are not mind readers, you have to tell them and in tern they will come back and support you as you have what it takes to rule your business.

We are Iuvo Skincare and we sell 100% Natural and Organic, Vegan Certified products specially formulated by our late founder for sensitive skin.

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