Having Friends & Running a business do the two coexist?

by Ian Gabbidon on Feb 22, 2022

Back of Friends interlocking arms

#Havingfriendsandrunningabusiness The answer surely must be no right? I find it really difficult switching off when I am passionate about something. Most week days and weekends are filled with "stuff" work, housework, designing, social media...loads of "stuff". Randomly I will receive a message from my friends whom I care about so so much... "Hay are you up North anytime soon?".

My heart sinks as I think...hmmm no not really, but I do not want to respond with such disappointment especially when its already been close enough to a year due to #Covid-19 since I have seen them. So I pull out my diary and see what I can fit in. Most of the time Its a..."Ooo sorry Im working or ahhh I wish you had given me more notice." Its hard, maybe i'm not organised enough. [Those who know me will appreciate thats not really the case]. The truth is I allow myself to become submerged in the things I love. #CREATIVITY...I love the thought of learning this business inside and out, the tricks of the trade and my gosh there is a lot to learn!!

"I didn't want to work 9 -5 so I started my own business, now I work 24-7."

Im at workshops, attending meet and greets, making new connections, asking the right AND WRONG questions as hay, its all a learning curve and I am definitely not shy to get things wrong. We are all human after all. Living and breathing for something is not the same as going to work for someone. Yes it is more secure and a lot less to think about in some instances. But now I can say #STRESS is what happens when you get a build up of things that you do not want to do, I have #PASSION for what I do...but why do I still feel disappointment when letting my friends down...

Why do I feel the disappointment?

In the short term there always is...But I realise that it is because I care, I'm privileged to have such great people in my corner at all times. Yes they miss me, but they get to hear my voice, mostly through voice notes and are reminded of me through our social media posts. They are proud of what I am doing and in due course we will all get our time together.

Being a small business doesn't mean we will keep small. The plan is to grow, allowing more space and time in the future for others to become a part of my mother's legacy. More time to put back into my friends who I haven't brought birthday or Christmas cards for the last four months...only God knows what my excuse was before!! Or maybe I'll just start a new business once this one is more financially independent!!?? Either way the Future doesn't write itself, we all have to #LIVE and take the next steps to #GROW into what we should or shouldn't become.