A Little Daily Indulgence For Long Lasting Luxury

Iuvo Skincare is a family run skincare company created through experimentation and determination during Cancer treatment , accompanied with love and support. During this experience, we found a natural raw butter that had nourishing and beneficial effects. This helped with recovery and contributed to a much healthier appearance. Inspiring us to create our own skincare range.  It is our mission to provide high quality handmade Natural & Organic, Vegan products to our customers.

Message from our Founder

Our luxury skincare range is handmade, and incorporates gentle, Natural and Organic ingredients that are;
- Silky smooth to the touch and easily absorbent
- Rich, nourishing and moisturising
- Healing and Rejuvenating
- Soothing and calming
- Helping to enhance tone and radiance


Our Team

Founder of the Company, passed away from Cancer in 2020. Genuine and loving, cared about all of her customers, here legacy lives on in Iuvo.

Edith Gabbidon

Company Director, know as the most freindly man ever, you wont find Ian on the internet, but he loves to maufacture your products and oversee the day to day running of the company and its finances.

Ian Gabbidon

Architect and Creative Manager, Shani is a genuine all-rounder focusing on anything from leaflet design to developing new leads, SEO, marketing and social presence.

Shani Gabbidon

If you are lucky enough to meet Sais, she is a super quiet individual unless she has something passionate she wants to share. She does everything from pacing orders to manufacture like a speedy ninja.

Sais Gabbidon

What does Iuvo mean?

It means to Aid, Please, Delight, Assist and Gratify in Latin.

What are your company values?

We are all plant based, we support Canter treatment development and charity experiences. all of our products have minimal packaging, recycled or recyclable packaging. We offer discounts for containers returned to us at our face to face events.

Who Founded the company?

Edith Gabbidon

Who was Edith?

A mother of three, curious about natural skincare while going through Breast Cancer treatment.

When did her experimentation start?


When did the company get Incorporated?


Is she still fighting?

Unfortuantly Edith died peacfully in July 2020 and left her legacy onto her Husband Ian and children.

Who runs the company now?

Ian and his two daughters Sais and Shani.