Architect quits job to focus on Skincare business

by Ian Gabbidon on Oct 21, 2021

Ian Gabbidon & Shani Gabbidon sitting down on sofa
Photo credits: @photographybyaccident
Venue: @Dream Factory Shoreditch

I must admit it wasn't a hard decision to make focusing on iUVO Skincare full-time. Assisting my father in my late mother's legacy just made sense to me. I already helped out on the weekends for over two years without my full-time employers clocking on. In the evenings, I would update the website and produce social media posts. What was difficult was the uncertainty of where my income would be coming from. Being an Architect I am constantly being faced with challenges and projects to find solutions to. In my mind, I would be taking the skills I had gained over my 11 years in practice.


What will I be doing?

Taking more time to organise the business and push us forward to becoming a global brand...which is exactly what my mother wanted for us all. As per the Dream Factory's motto above..."Live your F***ing dreams".

Any Tips?: If any of you have any tips or ideas that I can implement, please do get in touch and let us know. Keep in touch to be a part of our journey.